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Definitive Guide to Understand the Unit in Sports Betting

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Online sports betting is extremely popular and bettors look for ways to improve their chances of winning and stretching their bankroll as much as possible. This is where a unit comes into play.

Understanding Unit in Sports Betting

In sports betting, every bettor has a different sized bankroll. However, if you want to keep a track of your profit and losses in online sports betting without taking the currency value into consideration, you will do it in the form of units. This helps to harmonize profit and losses among all bettors irrespective of the size of their bankroll.

So, basically a unit refers the size of your bet and it is a universal term in sports betting to showcase your profit or loss. It also helps to determine how to bet in games that you are interested in.

Example about Units in Sports Betting

To understand units and how it relates to your bankroll, let’s take an example of an imaginary bettor who has a bankroll of 10K.

A 10K bankroll can be divided into 100 units that are valued at 100 each. Now, the bettor can use each unit to place a bet and at calculating the units will allow him to discern whether he has lost or won money in sports betting.

Typically, serious online sports bettors take 1% of their bankroll and make that into a unit. However, you can easily increase a unit to 2-3%, depending upon your risk appetite. As an online sports bettor, it is important you have structure in your betting and units allow you to have just that. It helps you keep track of your profits and losses so that you can change your betting strategy accordingly.

Keeping Track of Your Winnings

While a unit allows you to monitor your progress in online sports betting, it also helps you ascertain whether you are truly winning in forums against other bettors. It helps you see how you are performing in sports betting compared to other bettors. It also lets you check whether you are winning or losing on a consistent basis. This way, you can change your betting strategy to turn the tide in your favour.

Of course, when it comes to winning, you will always look at the money you have managed to win while betting. However, when you break your bankroll into units, you can use a specific number of units for each betting session. At the end of the session, you can check how well you have done. That is the power of a unit.

The Bottom Line

Serious online sports bettors will always talk in terms of units. You will often hear bettors saying that they are X units up or down. The unit value will vary based on how the bettor divides it. At the end, someone with a small bankroll could end up winning more units compared to a bettor with a large bankroll even though the total of all the units may not be equivalent to the large bankroll.

While you may not be used to using units to keep a record of your bankroll, wins and losses, you should get familiar with it. It helps you organize and streamline your online sports betting.


If you are into online sports betting, you need to understand the meaning of a unit, as it gives indication about the size of your bet. It allows you to keep track as a bettor of your bets and helps you strategize your betting. Read on to gain thorough knowledge of a unit.

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