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The Benefits of Running on Diverse Surfaces

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Most runners log miles in their neighborhoods. However, these roads shouldn’t be the only place you train. Running on different surfaces will help to not only change up the scenery, but also your workout. A venue change helps to boost your fitness and to challenge yourself. By challenging yourself to run once or twice a week on trails, sand or grass, you reduce the pounding on your legs while minimizing risk of injury.


Compared to concrete, running on grass puts less pressure on your feet. This is great for runners who are healing from an injury. It also allows you to increase mileage and intensity while minimizing injury risk.


This type of running requires focus, so you remain safe while in motion. Adjusting to this terrain will put your leg muscles at work with different range of movements too. Find a trail with inclines of a low to moderate grade that allows you to run at a conversational pace (where you can still carry on a conversation while running).


The unstable surface helps to strengthen muscles in the legs, hip, core and feet. Sand running increases the aerobic challenge and helps you to burn more calories. For those with not much flexibility in their ankles or are recovering from an injury, sand should be avoided.

When finding new surfaces to run on, it’s important that you have comfortable and proper-fitting women’s running shoes. By wearing the best shoes, you limit your chances of injury and foot strain while enjoying your physical activity with ease.

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